About us

BelleCell is a Globally recognised Health and Wellness Brand Pioneering ‘Molecular Wellness’a revolutionary method that focuses on regenerative treatments and technologies for preventative health and wellness.

BelleCell is at the forefront of primary preventative healthcare and a leading provider in Molecular Wellness. Primary prevention is aimed at preventing problems in the first place. Equipping individuals with the knowledge to look at their health in the context of their genetic disposition and personal lifestyle, to increase their lifespan.



Established in 2017, the BelleCell Clinic is at the forefront of primary preventative healthcare and a leading provider in molecular wellness. It was founded by the bioscientist and molecular wellness pioneer Kasia Zajkowska to advocate health and wellness innovation and promote health and body optimisation solutions in the heart of London.

The premier clinic is dedicated to providing cutting-edge therapies and treatments to improve the overall well-being and longevity of clients. BelleCell created a space and a safe environment to access and utilise regenerative technologies, personalised solutions and medical and industry experts. The focus is on integrative health and wellness, bringing together latest research, effective, innovative solutions, conventional western therapies and alternative, and holistic practices.

BelleCell’s dedicated team of professionals recognises and understands the specific needs and concerns of HNWI clients, and work together to achieve their dreams of healthy longevity and beauty by creating personalised treatment plans, tailored to their specific needs, conditions and goals.

The molecular wellness method focuses on optimisation of biological processes and cell physiology. The goal is to optimise cellular metabolism, enhance cellular regeneration and minimise cellular damage by improving micronutrition and lowering  exposure to bioelements’ deficiencies and stressors.

Since these metabolic stressors and inefficiencies were found to be the causes of cellular malfunction in the body and the culprit behind ageing, BelleCell made it the foundation of the therapy. BelleCell strived to improve molecular health conveniently, without individuals having to leave their homes. It was not long before the BelleCell Formula was born. Developed as an extension of the in clinic therapies for audiences who wish to boost cellular functions on a daily basis, on the go.